Depression and Anxiety

Women become serious, have a piercing mood, and fall into depression. Helplessness, worthlessness, despair, and hopelessness are some of the feelings that lead to depression in women. Depression can range from mild to moderate, with symptoms such as lethargy, a loss of appetite, and problems sleeping. Women have more psychological illnesses than men. Past emotional abuse can worsen severe depression later in life. Sadness is a natural emotion to adversity. Depression is more common in women due to biological and social causes specific to women. Women under the age of 35 and persons with underlying health issues were the most impacted by anxiety disorders. Smaller stressful life events, such as a family tragedy, continuing financial worry, or work stress, can lead to extreme anxiety. Anxiety disorders are more common in those who have other mental problems. Fatigue, restlessness, irritability, tense muscles, agitation, difficulty concentrating, and difficulty sleeping are all symptoms of anxiety disorders.

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