Pregnancy and Childbirth

Pregnancy and childbirth are most important events in the life of the woman and the family, however they also need an adjustment, both physical and mental. It deals with various related aspects, beginning with the pre-pregnancy period, the prenatal period, childbirth and handling the newborn infant during the first weeks of its life. The various stages in pregnancy and childbirth include prenatal tests, proper nutrition, maintaining a healthy lifestyle, genetic consulting, nursing, infant survey examinations, hospital discharge with the baby and preparation of the domestic environment.

  • Proper Nutrition during Pregnancy
  • Vaccines for Women Before Pregnancy, During Pregnancy and After Childbirth
  • Childbirth and the Baby
  • Child development stations
  • Monitoring of Pregnancy and Medical Examinations During Pregnancy
  • Vitamin K for Newborn Babies
  • Whooping Cough Vaccination in Pregnant Women
  • Induced Abortion

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