It is a tissue that forms that lining of uterus grows outside of uterine cavity and this lining of uterus is called endometrium. This occurs when the endometrial tissue grows in ovaries, bowel. This endometriosis look like small flat or raised patches sprinkled on the pelvic surface. Ovarian endometriosis cysts called endometriomas and these are filled with thick brown fluid and are those called “chocolate cysts”. In stage 1 small implants or small wounds occurs. It normally grows in the uterus to prepare the womb for anovulation. This tissue consists of gland, blood cells and connective tissue. They can develop anywhere in the body but they usually develop in pelvic area. It can cause weight gain. Moreover many women experience weight gain with progesterone. In stage 2 more will be there then compared from stage 1.

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