Lung Cancer

Most ordinary type of lung cancer in women is adenocarcinoma. A new cough that is tenacious or change in an existing chronic cough. This cough produces blood and they will be having pain in the chest, back or shoulders that exacerbate during coughing deep breathing or laughing. Lung Cancer patient can cause pneumonia it may lead to the immediate cause of death. Symptoms that are common to die towards the lung cancer include dyspnea, pain, delirium and respiratory secretions. Blood tests do not determine lung cancer, and just the doctor provides information to the patient about his overall health and how well the body organs are functioning. A complete blood count is in order to check for Anemia and a low number of red blood cells. Exhaustion, weakness and desire to sleep shows that we are at the last stage of the lung cancer and the cancer patients becomes much weaker and easily worn out during these last weeks. At last stage of the cancer they may want to sleep daily and spend most of their time by lying on the bed. We feel ill with lung cancer like coughing up blood or rust colored sputum.

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